Tuesday, August 01, 2006

London Loo's

An eclectic mix of London Loo’s. First up we have the Mens toilets at the Idle Hour in Putney. A nice steep decent down into the bogs leads you into this rather sparse and basic of bogs. Plenty of drunk people to share the urinal with and on this occasion we have Es Stu from the Fulham Curve and now a Putney resident doing the honours with the photography. And what a fine shot might I add.

Then we have the gents at Pizza Express, Fulham Road, Fulham. What a great place to take a leak. As you can see it has great light and great tile work.

This is a shot of the lazy ivy men’s in Chiswick. No that’s not the incredible hulk, it’s just the green lighting that gives it the david banner effect.

Back to pizza express fulham. This time the disabled toilets. Quite cramped for the two of us but apropiate for Kooka as he had a broken foot at the time.

Finally another shot of the artist formally known as Breezy in the mens at the lazy ivy, this time with a view of the chalk board. A rather good insult is chalked onto the board. Please click on the photo to enlarge.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Barcelona Bogs

This grandiloquent toilet features Kooka, 3 nights dwight and I. The restaurant name I do not recall, but it was in one of the main squares off of la ramblas.

Kooka and I at Cafe Zurich Toilets, Plaza Catalunya, Barcelona.

This is the Ba Ha Beach Club Mens Toilet on Barcelona Beach. Enough said.

Monday, July 17, 2006

The Disabled Toilet at the Manly Wharf Bar

Very clean, neat and tidy toilet this one. Probably because not that many disabled people use it. Its normally fully abled bodied people who use this one, and like Noahs Boat they climb aboard two by two. This is a strictly nose powdering room only (of the Show Business Variety). That's why I always take great pleasure in actually using it for a dump. That way the next gaggle of whacka whores that come in here to powered their noses get more then they bargain for when they inhale deeply. Small atoms of pooh floating up into their nostrils.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Old Manly Boat Shed Gents

This bloke just came out of trap 2 as I was about to take a photo. I could see that he was fairly keen to be on camera and fairly drunk - I asked him to pose for a photo. I really like his jacket its covered in safety pins. This dunny is compact and friendly. It's the pool table that seems to be the kindling for any spark of trouble that combusts.

Manly Vale Bowling Club Gent's

A very traditional toilet this one. Old fashion, plenty of stainless steel, clean and functional.

Set this one up on self timer - was unable to explain myself when another patron walked in and the flash went off.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Mens at Paddington Bowling Club

On this particular day it was ANZAC day. A day in which all Australians are given the day off to remember the Australian and Newzealand soilders that fought in various wars for their country. Most Australians and Kiwis will celebrate by consuming as much beer as possible in one day. The drinking often starts just after the dawn service and continues until you drop. So you can imagine how busy the mens was on this day. It was like being in the district line tube during rush hour. I had two pay two visits in order to secure a seat and unload my waste.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Gents at Manly Skiff Club

This splendid lav is the gents at the manly skiff club, NSW, Australia. Moments after taking this photo I was informed that all americans are stupid and all pommies are dickheads.... Im calling this bog "The Idiotic Sweeping statements by drunk people Bog"

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